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Choose Your Own Documentary

Scotsman Fringe First Award Winner 2013

Selected to show at Storyscapes, Tribeca Film Festival 2014

A forgotten diary falls from a book you buy on eBay, what do you do?

…YOU decide

Join Nathan Penlington and a team of filmmakers as they embark on a quest to find the author of the diary and unravel the mystery of it’s pages. A true story of obsession, childhood sweethearts, friendship, loss and adventure.

But there is a twist. You, the audience, decide Nathan’s fate by voting using remote controls.

His destiny is in your hands.

Choose wisely.

"A deeply moving testimony to the small choices we all make in our lives and the profound effects they can have" 

- Mark Fisher, The Scotsman 

"Deeply nostalgic and dazzlingly modern"Alice Jones, The Independent

‘The dual narrative of his own struggles with growing up and the mystery surrounding the unhappiness expressed in the pages of the diary turn what could be a voyeuristic exercise into a uniquely immersive and human experience.’ - Evnt

"Ultimately a love letter to the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books and a directive to live actively and make choices" The New York Times

‘Funny, heart-warming, and utterly bizarre – there’s very few people today pushing the envelope of stand-up, performance and documentary making quite like this’ - We Heart

"Southbank Centre is proud to be co-commissioner of Nathan Penlington’s Choose Your Own Documentary, a sensitive, exhilarating journey to find the boy in the book. The audience, who help to direct the action of the show, become as intrigued as Penlington, driving him on in his quest to explore how his narrative has intersected with one boy’s childhood diary. A triumph for live literature" - Southbank Centre

Choose Your Own Documentary featured at the Soho Theatre, London, in February, and is now touring the UK. For full information and performance dates please visit:

The Boy In The Book, the complete story of finding the diary and the search for Terence Prendergast, will be published by Headline in May 2014.

Choose Your Own Documentary was created by Nathan Penlington, Fernando Gutierrez De Jesus, Nick Watson and Sam Smaïl.

Choose Your Own Documentary has been co-commissioned by Southbank Centre, London. Supported by Arts Council England. Initial development by Out Of Print

The show previewed at Southbank Centre, London and at SXSW in Austin, Texas, in march 2013, supported by ITV New and Hackney House, before premièring at the Edinburgh Fringe where it won the prestigious Scotsman Fringe First Award. 

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