Almost Nearly

visual tactile poetry

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How we communicate changes what it is we communicate.

Almost Nearly is a visually stunning, highly original collection of graphic poems ruled by constraint, that combine visual and tactile elements. The poems take inspiration from predictive text, Post-it® notes, 3D spectacles, trademarks, barcodes and binary, and experiments with different modes of communication.

An 86 page version of Almost Nearly was published in 2008 in a signed limited edition of 100 with all additional elements hand finished by the author.

Poems from this collection were previously shortlisted for the prestigious Eric Gregory Award, and also published in various poetry anthologies and magazines including Adventures in Form, Marginalia, Coin Opera 2, Rising, The Fix, Quiet Feather, Litmus, The Delinquent, and Aesthetica. The original version of the predictive text poem was performed on BBC Radio 3’s poetry programme The Verb.

"It’s a delight to explore. Never seen anything quite like it – which is a rare thing to say, these days."

Professor David Crystal (the author of How Language Works, and The Stories of English).
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